About Us

After the successful experiment of the Hair Oil, Master Vijayan is extending his business all over Kerala. Master Vijayan, a retired teacher of Chavassery, Veliambra has finally succeeded in making his own Ayurvedic Hair Oil which is effectively working in producing hair cells leading to the growth of new strands. He has done the experiment on his hair after waiting a long time for his existing hair strands to fall. Master Vijayan whose father was an Ayurvedic Practitioner has learned the method of making the Oil from his father’s Palm-leaf manuscripts and other Ayurvedic books. He assures that the Oil works effectively for Hair-loss, Baldness, Sleeplessness, Hoar, Stress, Strains, Depression and also for Burn marks. Many people already contacted him after the Oil being a success. As there is an increase in the number of customers, Master Vijayan’s children; Doctor Shilpa & Vinu being helping him for manufacturing and supply of Hair Oil